The purpose of the Central Valley Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (CVCIAA) is to provide a regional organization for promoting and improving the efficiency of law enforcement professionals' work, environment, and cross-jurisdictional communication through training, technological exploration, and the sharing of information.

What is CVCIAA? The Central Valley Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (CVCIAA), was established on September 19, 2002. It is a regional organization concerned with the development and enhancement of crime analysis as a tool in law enforcement.

Twelve counties are within the boundaries of the CVCIAA. They include: Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Mono, Mariposa, Merced, Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, Inyo, San Luis Obispo, and Kern counties.

CVCIAA Counties Map
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CVCIAA Cities Map
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Agencies included in its membership are professionals in police departments, sheriff's offices, probation departments, state prison systems, and the Department of Justice.

Is CVCIAA part of the California Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association?
In 1989, the California Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (CCIAA) was formed in an effort to bring together all regional crime analysts' associations. With the addition of the CVCIAA, the California Association is comprised of six regional associations: the Bay Area, San Diego, Southern California, Inland Empire, Northern Valley, and Central Valley.

What is the Organizational Structure of the CVCIAA?
The CVCIAA is presided over by an Executive Board. The Executive Board formulates the plans and policies of the Association, and provides administrative leadership and support. The Executive Board is comprised of elected officers and the highest ranking past officer.