Welcome to the home page for the Central Valley Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (CVCIAA).

The CVCIAA is the most recently formed regional association of the California Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (CCIAA). It was accepted by the state on September 20, 2002 at their annual conference held in Monterey, California.

Within the pages of this website, you will find:

ABOUT US - a description of the organization, it's formation and purpose, the boundaries, and structure
BOARD - a list of the board members and how they can be reached
CONTACT US - email addresses for association information and the webmaster
LINKS - provides links to other CCIAA regional associations and to agencies that participate in CVCIAA
MEMBERSHIP - an overview of membership criteria, dues, and an application

The Central California Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (CVCIAA) benefits police related organizations in many ways:

Professionals in the field of crime analysis are at your disposal
Shared case information has already proven successful in apprehending suspects in a variety of cases
Continued training is provided and vital to any organization and all personnel
Resources shared from one agency to the next.